Today I am going to share some interesting Instagram Photos with you guys, ” 16 Photos that Showing Sensuality and the Beauty of Touch “.

An Italian Artist Creates Illustrations Showing Sensuality and the Beauty of Touch.

Programming School offers you to take a look these illustrations by an artist who feels the flame between lovers and so accurately expresses it on paper.

The Artist name is Frida Castelli. she is young Italian artist. Her illustrations are easy to recognize and are done in pastel shades.

Many illustrations on Frida’s Instagram page are tagged, #missyoueveryday. You can follow hastag #missyoueveryday.

She says that she doesn’t like talking about herself and thinks that her art is more interesting than her personality.

Let’s see those amazing photos of Frida Castelli.

I mesi senza di te (The Months without You) – 

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I mesi senza di te. #fridacastelli #missyoueveryday

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70 giorni (70 Days) – 

If I never see you again – 

45° 29′ 00″ Nord, 9° 12′ 00″ Est – 

You, the everything. – 

Avrei dovuto baciarti di più (I should have kissed you more) –

Fammi rimanere di stucco in questa stanza, che devo riparare le mie crepe (Make me stucco in this room, I have to repair my cracks) – 

Casa (Home) – 

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Casa. #fridacastelli #missyoueveryday

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L’odore della tua pelle (The Smell of Your Skin) –

Innamorarsi di te ogni 5 minuti (Fall in love with you every 5 minutes) –

Caro X (Dear X) –

Non esisterà mai un mondo in cui non ti (There will never be a world where you do not) –

Il posto dove stare (The place to be) –

Non andartene mai (Never Leave) – 

48 giorni (48 Days) –

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