Today our topic is Laravel Review System,

“A Custom Reviewable Feature.”

Sometimes a review system became a headache for us to implement in our application or our web-application. Recently I have faced that pain while I am implementing a review system in one of my projects.

After spending lot’s of time on google. I have found one Awesome Library called laravel-reviewable which helps me to integrate a review system in my Laravel Application.

So let’s do not waste our time and let’s jump directly into a solution. Here I am going to show you how you can implement this feature in your application and how you can use this library to create your custom review system.


For version 5.6+

For version 5.5

After installing this repo via composer you will need to publish its configuration.


First, add the Naoray\LaravelReviewable\Traits\HasReviews trait to the model you want to add reviews to.

You can create a review by :

Check scores by :

Custom Module 

Create a Review.php :

Here you can see I have added extra fields like Title, deleted_at using SoftDeletes.

After this, you can simply use our custom review model by :

Simple. This is the steps how you can simply build your own custom review model by using Laravel-Reviewable.


Happy Coding!


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