Yes, you read it completely right: Elon Musk Deletes Tesla And SpaceX’s Facebook Pages After People Challenges Him on Twitter.

You must have already followed the news of Facebook facing a shitstorm over the whole Cambridge Analytica controversy. If that wasn’t enough, a worldwide ‘revolution’ of #DeleteFacebook powered by Co-founder of WhatsApp might have sent Zuckerberg looking for shoulders to cry on.


Elon Musk replied to Brain Acton’s tweet sarcastically inquiring ‘What is Facebook?’ 😀


Good people on Twitter started to explain


To which Elon’s reaction was pure gold


And the amusing banter went on..


Now here’s the moment it turns interesting. Someone (let’s assume someone who loves to see the world burn) quickly reminded Elon of something important

To which Elon responded


He further claims that he has never seen his own company’s FB pages even once


Just to put things into perspective


Wait, we’re not there yet


Someone pointed out that if SpaceX is getting deleted, why not Tesla too. And Elon took a shade at FB with this comment 😛

At this moment even I went to check Tesla and SpaceX’s FB pages and they were intact.

But Elon wasn’t actually kidding around. He actually deleted both the pages! OMG, that escaleted quickly.

SpaceX down


Tesla gone


And people still can’t believe what happened. Elon Musk actually deleted the ‘lame’ Facebook Pages of both his companies, SpaceX and Tesla after a tweetstorm.

Why stop at FB, someone asked. Even Instagram is owned by Facebook, delete that too.


To which Elon replied,

I think this is enough for you guys. 😛

Phew!!! Good Luck Facebook.

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