Hello Folks, Here I am going to explain. How can you increase the Maximum file upload size in WordPress?

I was working on some project, and in that project, I need to upload a zip file which is 44Mb large. At that time I was facing maximum file upload size issue.

After so much debugging I was able to solve that problem quickly so here I am sharing my solution with you guys so that this article will help you out to solve “Maximum File Upload Size” Problem.

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Now, How you can update ,

“Upload Maximum Size Limit”

There are total three ways you can solve this problem.

1 – Write code in WordPress directory Functions.php

2 – Update your PHP.ini file

3 – Update yours .htaccess file


First Write code in Functions.php, Let’s see how we can write some code in our functions.php and it will resolve our problem.

This method Works for many users

Second Update your PHP.ini file, For this method, you will need to access your WordPress site’s root folder by using FTP or File Manager app in your hosting account’s cPanel dashboard.

In most cases, if you are on a shared host, then you will not see a php.ini file in your directory. If you do not see one, then create a file called php.ini and upload it to the root folder. In that file add the following code:

If 64 doesn’t work, then try 128MB

Third Update your .htaccess,  first and second methods do not work for you then & only try this method

Now open the .htaccess file in your WordPress site’s root folder and add the following code:

Again, If you are on a shared hosting package, then these methods may not work. In that case,  ask your hosting provider to raise the limit for you.

Hope the above methods will be helpful in increasing the maximum file upload limit.

Happy Coding!


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