If you are a JavaScript lover and you want “UP-GRADABLE FRIENDLY WEB APPLICATIONS” then, You should try ReactPWA and create awesome application.

Its fast and developer friendly, already loaded with Docker support and deployable with no need to install with npm dependencies!
And more importantly its UP-GRADABLE!

You can checkout here !!

Let’s view all the Features one by one,

Progressive Web Application :

Essentially, a PWA is a website that is capable of being promoted to being native-ish. It gets many of the benefits of being a native app, but also has all the benefits of being a website too.

Offline Support :

Use Service Worker to connect with your users even when they’re not

Code Splitting :

Difficulty is faced when developing enterprise application with code splitting. We don’t need everything in single JS file. Why not create individual JS files for respective module/page! We make it really easy here to just create a page that return array of routes. Code is split and loaded automatically when the respective route is called.

Hot Reloading :

The idea behind hot reloading is to keep the app running and to inject new versions of the files that you edited at runtime. This way, you don’t lose any of your state which is especially useful if you are tweaking the UI.

Next Generation JavaScript :

ES6/7 Compatible and Using babel we support the next generation JavaScript syntax including Object/Array destructuring, arrow functions, JSX syntax and more…

React Router :

We are using the most accepted React router for routing the application. Add your favorite /about, /contact, /dashboard pages easily.


Our customized routes enable creating meta tags to create Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Facebook cards. We know how important SEO is to an application.

Page Caching :

Well now you can cache a page in SSR. Pretty simple. just add cache option to your route

this helps you cache page when rendered via server. Why increase server load when page is static and cacheable!

Bundling :

Webpack is a module bundler that takes assets such as CSS, images or JavaScript files with lots of dependencies and turns them into something that you can provide to a client web page.

Image Optimizations :

You can use any type of Image during development and we will make sure that images get optimized before a build is generated. This takes time but its totally worth it. Best user experience is what we all developers are looking for. We are using imagemin plugins to optimize SVG, JPEG, GIF & PNG.

HSTS Supported :

Using HTTPS ? HSTS is enabled default for your secure sites. Options to define maxAge and preload of HSTS, all with very simple configuration.


If you have new ideas and Suggestions, they are looking for contributors. Please contribute.

You can find out more HERE !!!

Happy Codding !!!



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