Here i am giving you “Top 10 Awesome Android Libraries on GitHub” that are the ones who are interesting to try it out.

Top 10 Awesome libraries in July on GitHub:

1. Image Steps :

A simple library for using steps with images and animation

2. SSForms :

SSForms is a library to create dynamic Recyclerview forms.

The goal of the library is to get the same power of hand-made forms but spending 1/10 of the time.

3. NoPaginate :

Android pagination library (updated 18.12.2017)

This repository is a slightly modified version of Paginate library. Author: @MarkoMilos

We decided to modify it a little, o that developers could easily use it with MVP or Clean Architecture


  1. Double-sided pagination
  2. Delegate for Presenter or Interactor with implementation Limit/Offset and Page pagination
  3. Unit tests
  4. Wiki


If you find any bug, or you have suggestions, don’t be shy to create issues or make a PR] in the branch. You can read contribution guidelines here

My other libraries:

  1. NoPermission — Simple App permission library, consist of only one class
  2. NoRecyclerViewAdapter — Simple base adapter for recyclerView

4. ShapeOfView :

Give a custom shape to any Application view

5. Android-Toggle :

Custom Switches for Android

witches Available

6. CountryCurrencyPicker :

CountryCurrencyPicker is an android picker library for country and currency. You can implement it as fragment or dialogue. It offers the option to search for country values and currency values.

7. Range Time Picker Dialog :

A custom dialogue that allows you to set a start time and end time.

8. OreonPreview :

Simple animation with translation or scale views written in Java.

OrionPreview is a simple animation with translation or scale views written in Java.

9. ArcToolbarView :

An Arc view for the application Toolbar or anywhere.

10. AndroidValidator

A model-based validation library for Android written in kotlin.

Kotlin sample usage: (Column info is not part of validator it is from Room library).


Model in java:

Hope this article helps you to create Awesome Application.




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